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As promised, it has been another 12,000 years since my last update. Whoooops, I’m so NOT sorry because I have this big tree branch called ‘WORK’ digging up my ass, and I just can’t muster up the motivation to give a rat’s ass about anything other than mimosas and borderline sloth relaxation. But I digress… the topic of this post has been on my mind today as I was reconstructing a commercial for a cute little insurance company. This proves just how much I daydream on the job… let’s just be thankful I’m not doing any physical labor on oil rigs or anything, because were that the case, we’d be swimming in my carelessness and colossal mistakes. Whoops again.



Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted anything as of late. I’ve had a bunch of job and internship interviews for the past two days, so I’ve been swamped – but be proud of me that my summer is actually picking up! I am proud to say that I’m now an intern at BuzzBizz Studios, and I’m really excited to work in the production field – gotta start the dream somewhere, right? Aside from rushing around for work, I’ve been traveling a lot here in the AK. Things should get back down to a reasonable pace soon enough, and I have a few reviews and commentaries coming up, as well as my second chapter for “Mondiale”.

Something else important: THE GLEE FINALE IS TONIGHT. Due to this colossally important event, I am promising to do three things.

1. Pee my pants.
2. Cry for days after it’s over.
3. Write a commentary. So look for it within the next day.

*sigh* Aren’t they just precious… but HEY, where the hell is Santana? She’s too hot to not be in the picture. Reshoot.


Mmmm Spankorage, Alaska. Let me just start off by saying that today was the best Saturday ever. Yes, I woke up at the ass-crack of dawn for a 40 minute drive from Anchorage to Eagle River for breakfast, but it was all gravy from that point on. We’re right in the middle of the damn wilderness – practically driving into the rainforest mountainfuck of greenery that is Alaska – so it’s a beautiful drive. I hate nature – but Alaskan nature is stunning. Sure, the mosquitos are the size of birds and there is the occasional uncomfortable cool draft on a sunny day, but this place actually makes me appreciate nature. Get a load of this.  

Yeah. I'm one of the mountain people.