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LOLLLLL hold on. Wait. I don’t know why the font is so small… thank Oprah for zoom. Before you form an angry mob and start running towards my house with flaming torches, pitchforks, and rakes (lolz), I would like to plead my case. There is a reason why I haven’t written anything in about six thousand years… and it’s not because I’ve been consumed in the World Cup (I hate sports, men, and large crowds in general – so you know I’m not lying), or that I’ve been ‘giving back to my community’ or whatever the shit that is…

There is this thing called ‘work’, and after discovering it this past month, I do have my qualms. Despite the cozy atmosphere, and the fact that I have the coolest starters internship in Anchorage – I must say that I am less than enthusiastic about waking up every morning at 6:00 only to go work out at the gym while still asleep, and then go to the studio where I am literally just wingin’ it. It’s a cool concept, but I’ve never been one for routines. I’m not 90 years old yet. I’ve got a lifetime of irresponsibility and hazardous spontaneity ahead of me. Yes, it’s great that I get to do what I love for the summer – which is writing, editing video, drinking tea, auditioning people, and dicking around on the internet – but just know that this is the reason why my posts have been slow. Though I am now a part of the corporate world (kind of.), I have still been paying lots of attention to my first love, Pop Culture. Let’s take a look at the things that were fascinating, annoying, and downright awkward in the month of June 2010. Hey, Ho, Let’s GO!



Salut to all my dear Gleeks and Glee haters (gtfo) alike! Last night was a glorious one, and not just because I slept with all of your mothers – but because the Season 1 finale of FOX’s Glee was more exciting, emotional, and stressful than a menopausal blind woman juggling butcher knives. The only reason I wasn’t on the edge of my seat is because I ate my chair in a fit of emotional distress. (Note: Stress eating kills, ladies and gents.)

We really need to talk, and yes, I’m breaking up with all of you. But first, let’s dissect our Gleemotional Final Episode. These are the 10 things that made this ‘Journey’ finale so awesome and ridiculous:

1. From the get-go, we fly right into Will Schuester/Sue Sylvester conflict after we learn Sue is a judge at Regionals. Mr. Schu goes whining to the annoying, worthless principal while Sue sits back, watches the action, and takes a jab at Will’s hair yet again.

“I have to be honest, Will. I’m having a really difficult time hearing anything you have to say today because… your hair looks like a briar patch. I keep expecting racist animated Disney characters to pop up and start singing songs about living on the Bayou.” – HYSTERICAL.


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted anything as of late. I’ve had a bunch of job and internship interviews for the past two days, so I’ve been swamped – but be proud of me that my summer is actually picking up! I am proud to say that I’m now an intern at BuzzBizz Studios, and I’m really excited to work in the production field – gotta start the dream somewhere, right? Aside from rushing around for work, I’ve been traveling a lot here in the AK. Things should get back down to a reasonable pace soon enough, and I have a few reviews and commentaries coming up, as well as my second chapter for “Mondiale”.

Something else important: THE GLEE FINALE IS TONIGHT. Due to this colossally important event, I am promising to do three things.

1. Pee my pants.
2. Cry for days after it’s over.
3. Write a commentary. So look for it within the next day.

*sigh* Aren’t they just precious… but HEY, where the hell is Santana? She’s too hot to not be in the picture. Reshoot.


May 2010, here are a few things that are sad but true about you. I have slowly come to learn these things, and it has changed the way I think about you. Don’t get your feelings all hurt. June will take your place pretty soon. And I’m sure I’ll have a bone to pick with June, too. Here’s to what you have taught me, dear friend. (more…)