Posted: August 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is some good, relevant stuff written by an old friend from college. Take a read if you’re a 20-something post-grad who is struggling to maintain finances and living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks, Kaitlin!

Young Without Money

At work, I shyly told one of my sweet co-workers (who is also a graduate, living with a partner here in San Antonio) that I had started a personal finance blog for people our age. She remarked how awesome she thought that was and that she should start reading it. We commiserated on the pitfalls of being young without money. And we talked about how depressing it is to not have money to do things we really want– like shop, or see movies, or eat out, etc– and that life can become a monotonous routine of:

Get up. Go to work. Go home. Go to bed. Repeat.

And that is really depressing.

After I nervously published my first post, I got an overwhelming (and unexpected) positive response! So many of my friends are struggling with finance, even after years of post-graduation under their skinny, brown leather belts. The comments I…

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