Your Mother Would Like It: The Congo in Color (via Exodus)

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I came across this excellent piece called “The Congo in Color” – it’s so artistic, brave, and haunting how Richard Mosse uses art and politics to create a stunning message. Everybody check it out! This is fantastic work! I’ll be posting a commentary later today – so keep a lookout.

Happy Wednesday,

The Congo in Color Richard Mosse, an Irish photographer, was interviewed by The New Yorker recently on his strange yet beautiful photo project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. While in the Eastern provinces, Mosse used an obscure film called Aerocrome to cast the country in a dazzling red-hued array of colors. The photo technique puts the militarized region in an unexpected light. The result is a softer, almost fantastical touch to a place that has been cha … Read More

via Exodus

  1. I love seeing color-infrared photography… I wish the artist had listed some of his notes, even though he didn’t create the series as an illustration of how to use color infrared. I’m interested in knowing which filters he used to get the false-color results on foliage but not on skin… pretty fascinating photos!

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