Your Mother Would Like It: Reasons Why I Love Alaska

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Commentary
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Dear Everyone,
I’ve had something of a ‘bitter streak’ for the past three years or so towards Alaska. A few unpleasant situations may have poisoned my opinion of the famous 49th state, and it took me quite a bit of time to actually want to return for the summer after my second year of college. Time has passed and I may or may not have aided a general blackout by consuming copious amounts of college party juice, so there are no more hard feelings, for I do not remember them. I say this loudly and proudly – I actually really love this place! YES, the state population may be a grand total of a mere few hundred thousand, and YES about 75% of that number is moose alone… YES it’s cold, and YES we all might be vampires… but this place is pretty freakin’ awesome. It makes me unique. It makes strangers from other states judge me – and maybe I like that. But that is besides the point. Below I have compiled a little slideshow of a few things that make me love my homeland. I even included cute little captions for you ungrateful bastards. Enjoy.
Kendrus – your formerly-bitter-about-Alaska-but-still-bitter-about-everything-else Alaskan friend

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